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Founded by Katie Garcia (me!), Gather Media Co.’s story is simple. As a fresh faced college graduate, I knew when I wanted to start my own digital biz. It took me 10+ years of gaining experience, learning and growing, but the dream came together. You know when they say don’t give up on your daydream…I didn’t!

Meet us Katie Garcia

Fast forward to NOW, Gather Media Co. made up of a bunch of what I like to call, marketing know-it-alls 😉! Our team has 30+ years of marketing experience, but our specialty is the digital landscape. In particular, we have honed our social media, paid social, website building and reputation management skills to expert. We’ve navigated the tumultuous waters of viral employee racism, responded to over 1 million reviews (both in English and Spanish), cultivated audiences, crafted so many social media posts we honestly stopped counting, strategized and spent millions on digital ads and SO. MUCH. MORE.
Susie leads up the review management side of things and we have have developed what I like to call the “unicorn connection.” We just make that magic happen! Dave is our tech dude and we have affectionally nicknamed him our “wizard.”
Some may call us overachievers – we say passionate marketers giving 100 all day, every day.

Let’s Come Together,
Katie Garcia

Meet us Katie Garcia
Katie Garcia / Founder
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Meet us Susie Ragland
Susie Raglnad / COO​
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Meet us David DiBellla
David DiBella / CTO
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Meet us Bianca Holly
Bianca Holly / CIO
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